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Get a Head-Start with Affordable ‘Preloved’ Laptops & Flexible Leasing Plans

Scale up and scale down under one simplified lease

Agile and Scalable
Lease pre-loved notebooks with Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS from as short as 12 months or as long as 18 months with flexible subscription. Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS enables your business to scale up or scale down your IT asset requirements seamlessly under one single universal lease agreement. Packaged with services at no extra cost and flexible financing, Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS provides the right solutions designed to ease IT asset lifecycle management, reduce costs and ease the load on your resources so that you can focus on growing your business.

Rentalworks Device-as-a-Service

Simplify how you equip your team with the tools they need to perform as you free up the resources to further grow the business

Cloud-based / On-Premise Secure Data Erasure

Rentalworks Premium Support

Sustainable Eco-friendly End-of-Life Management

Cloud-Based Asset Management

Versatile Leasing Agreement

Single Point of Contact
(Simplified Cases & Escalation Management)

Why lease laptops and not buy?

Cost Effective
Reasonable monthly rates
Boost Cashflow
Alleviate heavy upfront costs
Minimize Disruptions
Premium technical support
Sustainable practices

Stay Current
Keep assets up-to-date

Asset Management
Cloud-based tracking

Reduce total costs of ownership

No huge capital outlay needed empowering your team with the right devices for improved productivity, with ease

Maintain productivity with Rentalworks Temporary Device Replacement Program for faulty devices


Free up your IT resources from IT inventory management, repairs and updates with Rentalworks IT Asset Lifecycle Management services


Seamlessly scale your business with Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS. Its simplified universal lease agreement allows your business to adapt to the fast-changing business landscape

Accelerate your digital transformation with ease

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